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would up. steve doocy is here to help us out. >> steve: nice to see you. nascar. from the nascar hall of fame. >> that's where you have been all week. have a great show. have a great weekend. "fox and friends" starts right now. thanks, steve, goodbye. >> gretchen: can you spell tgif? >> steve: tgif? >> gretchen: good. good morning it is september senth and i am gretchen carlson, we are still live in charlotte, north carolina . president obama asking the merp people for more time to finish what he started. >> i never said this journey would be easy and i won't promise that now. yes, our path is harder. >> gretchen: what did he promise? both sides say a whole of nothing. we report and you decide. >> steve: meanwhile, president obama's speech sure made the crowd roar but left the fact checkers scratching their head. separating the fact from the fiction. >> brian: and meet bill clinton's newest opponent. >> his family is momma. momma. >> brian: i actually never seen the show but many of you have. honey booboo won up the former president. woleexplain. the cowboys and giants were also
it already, steve. the shining. >> there you go. great to see you. glad to be here. nice having you here, too. have a great day, everybody. "fox and friends" starts right now. see you later, steve. >> gretchen: good morning, everyone. today is thursday september 20th. i am gretchen carlson hope you have a fantastic day. one of the killers a gitmo detainee, he was let go by the fox white house. we have a fox news exclusive on that >> steve: a major net work refusing to play the most controversial commints of the week. wait until you hear why. >> brian: the president has no time meeting with netanyahu. but meeting with a pirate. no problem . "fox and friends" starts right now. ♪ "fox and friends". ♪ i want to ride it all night long. >> steve: i got to work so fast today thanks to that. >> gretchen: wow. did you drive? >> steve: no, i was inside . it looks windy. brian you will go outside and talk to the guy behind that car. >> brian: i will find out what you are like. are you a big tipper. wouldn't it be funny if the pirate came out. >> steve: he's busy at the white house. >> gr
report and you decide. >> steve: you heard the outrage when the democrats took god and jerusalem out of the platform but what what happened when they put it back n. >> all delegates say aye. all opposed say no. two-thirds voted in the affirmative. motion is adopted and the platform is amended. >> steve: he's not happy. fall out. and queen latifah offered a new take. ♪ ask - on gave proof to the night. >> should she have changed the traditional tone. wouldn't help the giants. sorry cowboy fanc, you had a great night, we didn't. "fox and friends" starts now. ♪ ♪ "fox and friends". ♪ >> steve: live from the nascar hall of fame in the heart of charlotte, north carolina. you are watching "fox and friends", the final day of the dnc. we have been here four days and one more to go as well thank you for joining us live. >> gretchen: we have much to talk about. the big c was former president clinton and now president obama preparing to accept his party's nomination in charlotte. can he outshine last night's headliner. good morning to you, wendall. >> bill clinton said president obama
you 99 on the speeches. >> steve: today's speeches is not what is on democrats mind. another headliner has not handed over his speech for them to vet. we are talking about president clinton. >> brian: i am waiting for my teleprompter. don't drink and drive. especially if you are behind the bull dozer. i hope he has a new bumper. "fox and friends" home of the 2012 election starts right now from charlotte. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> steve: and the fighting 49ers live in charlotte, north carolina. what a festative day for the dnc. >> brian: gold dusters are here as you can see. 49er basketball band is here. >> gretchen: and the norm the 49er is here. >> brian: they are responsible but when is the first class in college. seven time tim 30. >> gretchen: no. mr. 2: >> brian: i took a seven : 30 class. >> gretchen: we have a jam-packed show for you today. and the band and dancers are going to be there. >> steve: something that happened to you in the conclusion of the rnc showing up to do the friday show and you talked about this? >> brian: a little bit of congestion and i had an opportunity to do the sho
hurt both cand dates or define the race. you decide and i have a hot mike. >> steve: change in the white house. change in story. could the administration be ready to admit they were wrong and terrorist planned the attack on our consulate in libya? >> brian: > steve: oh, , e inhumanit i. >> i thought that scammled thing was korea and it hit me what it was. i was going to have one moment when it was scrambled. he knows everything. he knows a little bit. >> and the other thing you can never get a job with the good man people because you work on family if you ed. he could never work on jeopardy and wheel of fortune. >> he knows everything about everything. >> he knows everything. >> everyone has different tacks. >> there are two hidden tapes that are providing much information. >> not hidden anymore. >> it is great. you might not have seen it before. the other one you are seeing everywhere. >> we'll do the head lines first. anti-american demonstration in. protestors broke through a barric
. will they are better luck talking about mitt romney instead of their record. >> steve: the democrats don't have a debt clock on the convention floor. this is why. the united states pushing that 16 trillion mark yesterday. what does that mean for a president who wants a second term. we'll discuss and dismiss the debt like they do. chris christy said what is wrong with washington? well nancy pelosi. >> she is part of the problem. it is true. listen, any of the leaders are up there if they are not trying to make a difference. >> brian: chris christy sounded off and sang a bit with jimmie fallon. we'll bring it out because you were probably nodding off when he was talking to chris christie. all next for the 2012 election . ♪ ♪ "fox and friends". >> >> gretchen: good morning. i needed that election surge to get me through hump day. i needed that election. thank you for making my day. >> brian: we are wednesday and two more days left of the convention and we'll know here until friday morning. yesterday it was clear, we need more time and we are off to a great start and need more time. >> steve: plus we
attack happened since 9/11. when do the facts say? we report and you decide. >> steve: is hillary clinton close to stepping down. and who is next for the secretary of state and why it may mean a change in foreign policy. >> brian: ralm emanuel goes to court and the kids are left in the dark. they didn't want summer vacation to last this long. "fox and friends" starts now. ♪ >> steve: today is the first monday that feels like fall is in the air. it is chilly and nippy. >> gretchen: i felt that the minute the sun went down. a little reminder summer is about to end. >> brian: i don't wear summer in the shirt. but i did. >> steve: you have photographs you would like to share? >> brian: we don't have time. >> steve: yes, we have three hours. >> gretchen: i am stunned. i have to head to masapequaa over the weekend. >> brian: just like sein feld. that was a request by the mayor. >> gretchen: okay. so now we have to do headlines. we have seriousnesses. afghan police turn on the american troops. it happened again. killing four more this weekend. really? a deadly attack happened in the remote che
destroying israel. how will president obama talk about this today. >> steve: president obama pulls ahead in polls and winning swing states . but there is a powerful group of americans that are leaning to romney and they could turn the difference. >> brian: how do you turn grown businessmen like brawling children. put them in the middle of rush hour and a cab. it could have been the cash cab. fox and friends starts right now. "fox and friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ "fox and friends". >> gretchen: it is about time member captured that on videotape. go outside to 6th avenue on rush hour is see that happen daily. >> brian: i know someone who said the un building is located and turns out the world has come and you can't get a cab or walk the streets. if you go by war wick. ahmadinejad you put up tent poles and it is it like a war zone. >> steve: usually takes me five minutes to go here to exit new jersey yesterday it was 45 minutes and it was not even today when the united states is speaking to the general assembly and things are going to move. >> brian: and the curtain initiative. >> gre
out with details that you haven't heard how one word saved the raid. >> steve: breaking news over not. mayor emanuel focuses on reelection, teacher necessary his town went on strike. >> brian: it is the biggest story. the truth behind the unemployment numbers . we are 56 days in the 2012 election. and "fox and friends" starts right now. >> gretchen: good morning, we are back at home. i never thought i would look so much forward to the curvey couch from the stools from a female perspective are not always the most flattering way to sit. >> steve: new found appreciation for the millions of americans who live out of a suit case. hats off to you . we are finally home. >> brian: how the heck you did that. four suit cases. you were on the same flight home and he saw your baggings. >> brian: very little. he carried it on and i said in the baggage claim. >> steve: thanks to mrs. doocy i am efficient. >> brian: if you are drafted. >> gretchen: you knew steve would have clothes to borrow from. >> brian: i dressed like i had gym that day and you give me clothes or i am in trouble. last night i wa
in flames and he just gets up walks away. >> time now to get scrambled up. steve doocy is here this morning. >> what is that? >> what is it? >> steve: mercy. >> it is mercy. there we go. have a great show, steve. "fox and friends" starts right now. >> gretchen: good morning, everyone. today is tuesday september 18th. 201 and be i am gretchen carlson, thank you for sharing your time with us today. in kabul, afghanistan, the suspect, who was a woman driving a car bomb out for revenge to the united states. >> steve: mitt romney caught on video getting real about the people who will not vote. >> 27 percent of the people who will not pay income taxes. >> steve: is mitt romney given up on the 47 percent. we report and you decide. by the way, you want to stop taking pictures and run for your lives. up close and personal moment with a cheetah. "fox and friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ "fox and friends". >> gretchen: good morning, everyone. i hope you have a fantastic day. overnight in afghanistan a female homicide bomber attacking. as the violence is escalating . u.s. suspending patrol after the
and mitt romney getting specific and talk being his plan to lower taxes for everyone. >> steve: president obama admits that some of his ads are not true. >> sometimes what is going on in the campaign and mistakes and areas where there is no doubt that somebody could dispute how we are presenting things. that happens in politics. >> steve: really? that is a surprising admission. why didn't cbs put that on tv last night. >> brian: and a plan full of terrorist and bombs taxis at the gate? "fox and friends" starts right now. ♪ "fox and friends". >> steve: good morning, folks, live from studio e in midtown manhattan. if you are getting ready for work wear a coat. >> gretchen: i am boycotting the fall. i am believing it is warm temperatures and beautiful sunshine. we had a beautiful weekend. but you are right. the chill in the air >> steve: you are like the guy wearing shorts in the winter. >> gretchen: flip flops for me . >> brian: nirst things first. head lines. >> gretchen: obama administration happeneding over money. solo power will open up a facility in portland this thursday giving it
>> steve: good morning, i am not only in north carolina. i am in charlotte, north carolina . >> that is slow on the update, steve. sounds like you have a great show, no rest for the weary. from tampa to charlotte. have a great show. "fox and friends" starts right now. >> thank you. >> gretchen: good morning, everyone. hello, everyone. we are live in charlotte, north carolina home of the dup - on democrat national convention. i am gretchen carlson thanks for sharing your time today. a top democrat admitting that things are not going so well >> can you honestly say people are better off today than four years ago. >> no, but that is not the question. >> gretchen: the answers get more interesting when the obama top aides weigh in. >> steve: one of the delegates booted by police for bizarre behavior. we'll do some 'explaining. >> brian: one driver went in the stand. what was it like seeing that coming your way? "fox and friends", right now. ♪ "fox and friends". ♪ >> steve: live from the nascar hall of fame in the heart of charlotte, north carolina it is "fox and friends" liv
. it is five yards short. steve doocy here. >> brian: it makes me think of steve . it is so easy. favorite. favorite child. >> steve: favorite child and lawyer . >> "fox and friends" starts right now. >> gretchen: really. good morning, everyone. today is wednesday, you made it to the middle of the week. i am gretchen carlson, thanks for sharing your time. the president comes out strong for free speech. >> as president of our country and commander-in-chief of our military i accept that people will call me awful things every day. and i will always defend their right to do so. >> gretchen: because he has to deal with it. we'll explain. >> steve: new outrage over the attacks in the middle east. the white house blames the movie. but this time powerful members of congress are fighting back. we'll tell you who. >> brian: a bad call in seattle. what kind of call that got them fired from linger football? details on that . offers are rolling in and talks and commissioner is directly involved. "fox and friends", starts right now. ♪ "fox and friends". it is finally here. ahmadinejad gets to speak t
and friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ "fox and friends". >> steve: are they outfits or uniforms or costumes. >> brian: i don't think the referrees. the inc. is not dry. >> gretchen: let's say they had all of the liverage. >> brian: i believe they didn't get everything they wanted but i think in week one we heard nothing and week two you an uproar and latest two weeks. >> steve: you nide professionals. >> gretchen: i think they will be under intense scrutiny. >> brian: i think so much slack to have the pros back to make mistakes as opposed to inexperienced people. >> gretchen: it is it a fox news alert. the nfl and the referee's union reached a deal just in time for tonight's game. and no word if the union was looking for bigger salaris and improved retirement benefits. both sides in intense negotiations following the monday night controversial call that gave the sea hawkings over a win over the packers. netanyahu is getting ready to peek to the united nations. he is convinced that iran is not taking the american vow to get rid of nuclear weapons seriously. israeli leaders suggested if irani
. >> steve: in the meantime tunisia, riots and dozens of protestors burned the american flag outside of the american embassy there. there is a speculation that it is in response to the anti-muslim and-antimohammed movie. it is a possibility that it is linked to the 11th anniversary of 9/11. this is where chris stevens and others were killed. >> gretchen: they are covering the latest in london. >> yeah, we are tracking a busy morning here. we have spoke to folks on the ground outside of the u.s. embassy in yemen. basically the situation is under control. there is couple of thousand of people outside of the embassy and a thousand yemen security fores trying to keep it under control. you have a security house in front of the main building. some of the demonstrators got in and tore down items and did damage but no shots were fired and no injuries were incurred and still a fluid situation there. and as you know in cairo, again through the night there was rock throwing and tear gas shooting by the police against the protestors, this is after the big violence we saw earlier in the week ther
information to help the president? we'll explain what is going on behind the scenes. >> steve: imagine your captain say brace for impact. and a miracle described by passengers as an act of god. we'll tell you what happened on the bird right there? >> brian: the nfl cutting a deal to bring the rev revs back for tonight's game and this weekend. but will they be ready for prime time? >> gretchen: exackly. >> brian: is it possible for a rev rev to be rusty and do they know where they put their whist and he will outfits. "fox and friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ "fox and friends". >> steve: are they outfits or uniforms or costumes. >> brian: i don't think the referrees. the inc. is not dry. >> gretchen: let's say they had all of the liverage. >> brian: i believe they didn't get everything they wanted but i think in week one we heard nothing and week two you an uproar and latest two weeks. >> steve: you nide professionals. >> gretchen: i think they will be under intense scrutiny. >> brian: i think so much slack to have the pros back to make mistakes as opposed to inexperienced people. >> gretc
. >> steve spilled the beans to me. have a great show. "fox and friends" starts right now. >> gretchen: good morning, everyone. i am gretchen carlson, thanks for sharing your day today. ambassor to libya is dead after a rotest over the film. the united states reaction straight ark head. >> steve: meanwhile a growing feudbetween the white house and israel. did our president snub prime minister netanyahu for dave letterman. >> brian: remember the movie for the democratic national convention. turn out it was not american at all. they use russian ships. "fox and friends" starts right now. ♪ "fox and friends". >> gretchen: good morning, breaking news and the reports are coming out the uprising in the middle east and libya led to the death of the u.s. ambassador to the u.s. and a staffer and other people may be dead or injured right now. >> steve: the report coming to us. the state department said they have nothing for us right now. according to reuters, the ambassor and his team were trying to move to a safer place when they were hit. >> brian: the iran pastor put out a voand it seems like yest
about all evening from pitch to pitch. steve: he also seems to cut down his stroke almost in half when he has an opportunity to drive in a run. if he gets a hanger obviously he will try to hit it out of the park. but all things considered, he is just looking for some contact, a way to get the run home. ken: well, he has been the best hitter i have seen, right-handed hitter i have seen since the big hurt frank thomas in his first eight years. the first eight years, frank thomas was the best right-handed hitter i have ever seen. he put up numbers that maybe nobody will ever approach again. it was unbelievable. talking about batting average, home runs, r.b.i.'s, walks, runs scored. just unbelievable. that is going to get the diop done and it is 5-0. steve: well, basically he fought off every pitch until he got one he could loop off the end of the bat. we talked about how he cut his swing down. r.b.i. number 111. it just drops in front of alex. this is full protection mode because the ball is low and out of the
out by a jet ski. - steve, come in, steve, i got good news. - go ahead. - that guy you hit with a jet ski decided to forget the lawsuit. 'course he forgets everything now 'cause of all the brain damage. [laughing] - thanks for that information. how 'bout a little radio silence? - hold on, malloy wants to talk to you. - no, i-i don't want-- - steve. steve. steve? - what! - remember that time you got drunk and thought the paper shredder was a vagina? - [grunting] bastard. that's better. - steve. [roaring] [growling] - malloy, how's the diet going, son? - mm, i didn't like it at first, but i feel really healthy now. - [chuckling] that's great, little buddy. [knocking] - i got two large supreme pies with melty-cheese-filled butter crusts, three dozen wings with extra ranch, two-liter coke, and a cup of fried chicken fat. that'll be 42 bucks. - how 'bout a car? - sweet! - malloy! i'm ashamed of you. this diet is for your own good. i don't know what i'd do if i lost you, snuggly bear. you know how bad my post-traumatic stress was before you moved in? pull the trigger. do it. you don't have
are asking why god is left out again. >> steve: the white house has good news just in time for the election. >> we have been gradually pulling ourselves out of the hole. >> steve: oh, really? we are out of the hole, is that right. we'll look at the numbers and they are shocking. >> brian: and the wrestling event gets too real. this is not part of tonight's entertainment. this is a real life situation . my broadcast partner earlier collapsed . the latest on jerry lawler's condition. we'll tell you you more now. ♪ ♪ "fox and friends". ♪ ♪ o beautiful for spacious skies. >> steve: it sure is pretty down there. you are looking at the memorial down in the world trade center site and lee greenwood sings america the beautiful. it is 11 years to the date that changed everything. >> brian: it is starting to shape up. for the longest time it was politicians and what developer was getting how much insurance money. they are finally coming to an agreement between the state and city in building the museum on 9/11. >> gretchen: it just seemed like we were down there yesterday for the 10th annive
with steve forbes? >> is a great learning experience and in a way it was sort of like a higher education. >> customized better. >> one of the themes we have been talking with here through the best of all about is the amoral as of capitalism. is there a moral component in your view? >> yes there is and that will be the subject of the next book coming out at the end of the month at the end of august. capitalism is immoral because again, it is about meeting the real world needs of other people and its a free-market transaction as a reciprocal exchange but it's each person provides a benefit to fielder. george gilder to why so you interviewing talks about it as giving, each side gives to the other. succumb to what was on, basically people who are -- who don't believe in the government they see the free-market transaction as a one-sided transaction that is exploitation but each side gets the benefit. it may not be ideal but there is benefit in the transaction otherwise it would not occur because in the free market no one is forcing you to enter into this exchange and that is what makes it, th
on our com sllsh fox bbltimore. ((toss to weather)) ((ad lib meteorologist)) steve gets athletic in the center.steve's call meemaabe pardoy nats moves... in this week'' "say wh" wwat?!"and next... how is thii not a halth code iolaaion??? what oes into this beer.. onn purpose.. thht ight have you you're there is something that is missing and i want to tell you that something missing is jesus. it was the beginning of a road of redemption for me. there is forgiveness, a new life, everything in trusting god. take that one step, that is all it takes. i felt like a new person, brand new creation. ill felt like i had had a weight 3 3an oregon brrwery's new blend is raising eyebrows, and ay nicole doll explains this bearded brew. bree. at the rogue ales brewerr in newport bbigade of bottles are lined up to be filled, labeled then ready to shhp. on a recent day it was their most popular brew "dead guy ale" ... tte mischievous aaeessuggesttthat at rogue iireverence is intoxicatinn. you know tongueein cheek."but - what'' brewing now is truly &pcceeky. "this wasn't really my idea, b
ferris along with todd and steve murphy. okay, todd, we saw gas prices jump during the arab spring last year. how bad is this going to get. >> it's going to get horrible. first of all like you said at the top. we're at a record high this time of the year and start talking about the violence that's taking place in libya and oil based countries right now and you have to only assume at that this is going to spread. this is going to continue to move higher and this is something the u.s. economy cannot afford right now because they're looking at higher prices at the pump. less money to go out and spend. >> brenda: steve, we are seeing that supply could drive this higher, but demand might bring it down. the economy is in trouble around the world. >> yes, absolutely. first of all, the supply has not been disrupted and it's not likely to be disrupted and the gulf states, saudi arabia, especially, em rats are pumpi-- emirates wants us to stand up to iran. and the oil supplies-- we know what the trend line is, it's going to go down in the fall and it's not the biggest threat to our economy, it's
. >>> christopher steve develops has been serving in yell men since -- yemen since may. they lit candles for him in 1982 and alumni shared their memories. earlier we spoke to them and one said he spoke to stevens before he left for libya. >> there are four who lost their lives. we are a very small organization and there are only 13,000 diplomats so a loss of four is a big loss for us. >> steve develops' mother now is preparing to fly to washington d.c. and wait for her son's body to come home. >> now we will have continuing coverage on the attack throughout the morning. you will find updates and information from our website any day on with. >>> the discovery of a body in a richmond neighborhood. the case may be related to gunfire in another part of the city, good morning tara. >> reporter: from what we have been able to gather this may have been the result of a botched carjacking. people hear gunshots and the spot shotter also went off in the area. then a couple of minutes later a body turned up four minutes away. police found the person slumped on the 17th block of 17th street. her
.s. aid flowing in the region. is she right or time to cut them off. >> go in focus with mr. steve forbes who is author of "freedom manifesto" it is a must read book to read . rick unger and elizabeth and rich and victoria. >> steve, is it time to cut them off. >> cut off or partial cut off . egypt and other countries if you can't protect, you shouldn't get free money from us. that is basic. rick unger, it is our mon yewe should be able to decide. and if they can't protect our embassy and treat us with a decency, shouldn't we cut them off? >> the issue is you can't make foreign policy in reaction to short term events. we know it is awful and i will be the first to agree those governments should have protected our embassy. it does no good to have a rahn paul reaction. >> emake >> we did it in north korea and south africa and cutting off the west bank and the gaza strip and done if with honduras in 2009 and ith the sudan. i think the muslim brotherhood is a long-term event and al-qaida influences. we don't know if our tax money is going to ours and intelligence officials tell me they would
with steve and rick and steve, let's start with yu. is it more patriotic to pay more in taxings. no, it is the last refuge of scoundrel. and it is red, white and blue and bleed the economy and blue up for more unemployment. wrong kinds. >> rick, patriotic. >> i am quoting spiderman uncle ben who said with great power comes great responsibility and it is time that people understand it is a duty of citizenship to pay taxes when you can. all corey booker was talking about. it is time that we accept our responsibilities and be fair. that is patriotic. >> rich, isn't the top three percent get hit with higher taxings. they pay over 50 percent of the share of income taxings. this is code language of get rid of the dividend tax differential and capitol gains. progressive wing of the democratic party hate the fact that you invest it and you tax at a lower rate. if they believe tharks they should work to change the tax code. patriotic thing follow the tax code and not pay a penny more than the law requires. >> bill, if the democrats are reelected and the president gets reelected we'll see tax
, was at right to read a book with steve ford's? >> guest: a great experience and it was almost in a way like higher education. >> host: one of the themes we've been talking with authors on freedom fest is the moralism or a moralism. is there a component you agree to capitalism? >> guest: capitalism is moral because it is about beating the real-world needs of other people in a free market transaction is a reciprocal exchange. but each person provides benefit to the other. i sat in interviewing, talks about it is each side gets to the other. so capitalism -- basically people who believe in big government see a free market transaction is a one-sided transaction each side gets benefits. it may not be ideal. but there is benefit always been a transaction, otherwise he would not occur because it's in a free market. no one is forcing you to go into this exchange and that is why there's benefits on both sides. if you're being forced, the unilateral transaction is one that takes place between the individual and government. that's where it's unilateral. >> host: what is your enthusiasm is a candidate?
now. and again, if the americans are going to have any chance, steve stricker has to win the 18th. >> dottie, are they measuring here to see who's away? >> the official did have to come in. both are 164 yards and it was determined that kaymer is away. first to play. the lie in the bunker's fine. >> it's just a wow. that's what this is. >> in this position, you can't help but think about bernhard langer, '91, kiawah, who had that putt at the last with everything on the line. nice. not bad angle. can he produce a good shot? >> contact was good. it's left of the flag stick. >> tell you what, that's pretty much made stricker have to have a birdie. we'll see if kaymer can get it done in two and make it, but that has put huge pressure on stricker. as kaymer is aboard in regulation. >> and you can see how relieved he is to have hit the green. >> only two germans to ever play in the ryder cup. >> he was so nervous he couldn't wipe his nose. >> hook lie. hook wind. 164. >> stricker has to win the hole outright to keep the u.s. hopes alive. starts at the right edge of the green, turning tow
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 2,282 (some duplicates have been removed)